Yllin - Ethically Handmade Clothing, based in London

March 06, 2019

Sprout, grow, flower & fruit

Growing up from surroundings of constant culture clash, my mind grew curious and become more aware of the information my eyes were taking in. As I aged I realised I needed to channel this into something, I was constantly fixated with what I could wear to express the things that excit me. It wasn’t long till I realised I had this desire to make something to wear from the things I  absorbed.
  I got my hands on my mother’s sewing machine and a bunch of old sarees and that’s when my drive for creating began. To start with my creations where very basic the more I learnt technically the more out of control my creations got but I felt more in control than ever. It was like a super power was unleashed within me, I had the power to create and wear whatever I wanted. 
I get asked how the name YLLIN came about, basically it’s my name shorted and reversed. When I was very young I had a friend who I would write letters too; gossip about girly things, we never put our names in it in case they were found and read so instead we would use other names; usually reverse my name I thought it was fun and feminine. I would always say to myself when I grow up and make clothes it’s going to be called YLLIN and that has stuck with me since. 

When I moved to London I discovered so much more culture, my bain overloaded,  I kept finding more and more things to influence me. My passion began to peak and I was ready to flower, YLLIN was no longer a daydream; it was obsession that left me passionate to create a vision that I have complete control over. To me it’s been a lifeline and has given me liberation to express myself but sometimes the petals do fall down but the flowers keep coming back. YLLIN hasn’t fruited yet but that time will come. I am however forever thankful for those who have constantly watered me under the sun to keep YLLIN blooming. 

All products are hand made to order which can take up to 7 days for production