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August 07, 2019

Hackney Goods - Top 5

Its all about finding the perfect colour clash.

Wearing YLLIN two piece, top here and my blazer is the best thing I have brought this month and its only the start of August. 
The pink blazer £12 was found in a charity shop during my favourite pass time; vintage and charity shop window shopping.

Here’s a list of my favourite shops I like to scout goods for;
1. The Market Cartel  - affordable with rare items which fall in the higher price range. Definitely has some super cute pieces I need to get my hands on.

2. Crisis - This charity shop is where I found my blazer, looking here you are sure to find that one hidden gem. 

3. Traid Dalston - super cheap and tons of things to choose from you will find something you like 70% of the time. 

4. Pelocans & Parrots - a place is full of beautiful vintage clothing mixed with designer vintage its more on the pricey side however. 

5. Somewhre In Hackney - This place is small but was full of lovely clothing. Based above a vintage furniture shop I have only been once but it is on my to visit list again.


All products are hand made to order which can take up to 7 days for production


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August 07, 2019
Hackney Goods - Top 5
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